Hirsute threaten to boycott cake if Watters does not return to Bake Off

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Beard Liberation Front

Press release 3rd September contact Keith Flett 07803 167266

Hirsute threaten to boycott cake if Watters does not return to Bake Off

The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, has said that it is prepared to ask its supporters to boycott the eating of cakes for a week if hirsute baker Iain Watters is not allowed to return to the Great British Bake Off this week.

In the episode broadcast on 27th August Iain, along with other contestants, was making a Baked Alaska. His ice-cream was interfered with by another contestant, coincidentally called Beard, and with temperatures on the day of the recording reaching 30C Ian’s Baked Alaska did not turn out well. He binned it and walked off the show.

The BLF says that the GBBO should have made special allowances for the impact of the heat on Iain’s beard and provided him with a cooling fan. That would have allowed him to take a more balanced approach to producing the Baked Alaska and avoided accusations of pogonophobia

BLF Organiser Keith Flett said, we are clear on this. Iain Watters was forced off Bake Off by pogonopobia. He must be allowed back on. If that doesn’t happen, we’ll be asking our supporters to boycott the eating of cakes for a week in protest.



Tottenham prepares to welcome NHS march on Saturday

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Haringey Trades Council
Press Release 2nd September
c/o Union Office, St Ann ’s Hospital, St Ann ’s Rd, N15
Contact Keith Flett 07803 167266;

Tottenham prepares to welcome NHS march on Saturday

Haringey TUC, the local wing of the TUC in North London, has said that it is expecting an enthusiastic welcome for the People’s March for the NHS when it passes through the Borough on Saturday 6th September.

Trade unionists, political activists and community campaigners are planning to gather on Tottenham Green, near the College of North-East London- from around 10.30am on Saturday to give a big Haringey welcome to the marchers as they pass through.

The march, designed to draw attention to the impact of Government policies on the NHS, started in Jarrow on 16th August and finishes with a central London rally on 6th September.

The marchers will make their way from Edmonton Green down Tottenham High Rd to a lunch time stop off at Clissold Park in Stoke Newington on Saturday morning with a central London rally planned for the afternoon.

Haringey TUC Secretary Keith Flett We are expecting a good turn-out to welcome the marchers on Saturday. There is real concern about what the policies of the present Government are doing to our health service and the march is an excellent way of drawing attention to this

Details of the march


Campaigners say grey squirrels pose threat to 2014 conker season

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Campaign For Real Conkers
Against bans on conker playing
Press Release 2nd September Contact Keith Flett, 07803 167266

Campaigners say grey squirrels pose threat to 2014 conker season

The Campaign For Real Conkers, the group that opposes bans on conker playing, has said that with the 2014 conker season underway as the first conkers fall, grey squirrels are posing a significant threat to conker supplies.

The campaign says that numbers of grey squirrels in many areas of the country are increasing rapidly. The squirrels can be seen carrying off and burying conkers on a regular basis leading to a shortage of the nut for players to pick up.

Campaign organiser Keith Flett said, we have nothing at all against squirrels but those who want to play conkers this year face a race against time to collect the nut before they are carried off by squirrels.

The Campaign for Real Conkers promotes free for all conker playing across the UK an alternative event to the World Conker Championships, on October 12th where it encourages people to have a go at playing conkers without the need for rules, regulations and teams.

Notes for Editors
• The CFRC believes that conkers is one of the few sports that can be played for free. All that is required is a conker and some string.
• It is opposed to championships, rules, regulations, separate teams for men and women and commercial sponsorship.
• It seeks to encourage young people to play conkers. It should not be the preserve purely of those of mature years


Scottish independence: beards, class politics & imperialism

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Scottish Independence: some historical perspectives.

My late father was a Scottish Communist born on Clydebank in 1924 so my parentage provokes a certain personal interest in the forthcoming vote in Scottish independence, but also a sense of some historical perspectives.

It can be argued that there is no interest in keeping an imperial United Kingdom with its current structure.

Or it might be said that the working class and the left are better united across the British Isles, although that is not a definitive argument against independence.

Then again it could be suggested that in principle the Scots have a right to independence but that it might not be the best idea to pursue that right now when the key issue is ejecting the most reactionary Government for many decades from Office.

A study of labour history can’t offer any definitive guidance on these points and nor should it. However some interesting perspectives can be offered.

Take, for example, the political career of Keir Hardie.

Hardie’s original base, from the late 1870s, was amongst first the Lanarkshire and then the Ayrshire miners in Scotland. He was a trade unionist, a full time organiser, with a Lib-Lab perspective on the world that focused strongly on issues of respectability such as temperance and religious observance. He also had a beard.

Hardie stood as an independent labour candidate election in Lanark in April 1888 and in August of the same year he became the first Secretary of the new Scottish Labour Party.

A career in Scottish politics surely beckoned. Except that it didn’t because that wasn’t quite how Hardie saw the world.
In 1892 he travelled to the East End of London, another centre of a newly organising working class, to stand, without Liberal opposition, as a labour candidate for Westminster. Hardie won and in August 1892 took his seat as an MP.

Questions were asked about where Hardie’s campaign funds came from. While Hardie presented himself as moving beyond his trade union background, as Caroline Benn’s definitive biography underlines, unemployment was even more of an issue in West Ham than it was in Ayrshire. The Scottish miners understood the link well enough and certainly gave some of the money for Hardie’s election.

The following year he was one of those who formed the Independent Labour Party.

When it came to the 1900 General Election Hardie in era when it was possible to stand in more than one seat was nominated in Preston and Merthyr in South Wales.

Preston was never likely at this point, on a still restricted franchise, to return a labour MP.

Hardie’s chances in Merthyr weren’t thought to be too good either. After all he was a Scot who had held a seat in London’s East End and was largely unknown in the area.

Hardie however had two things going for him. Firstly he had been a miner and a miner’s union official. Merthyr was a mining seat, but one which remained firmly Lib-Lab. This however was the period when the new Trades Councils were being formed in the area, and they were often a bedrock of support for independent labour politics

In a two member seat Hardie was elected MP and in the 1906 General Election was re-elected with an increased majority.
During his period as MP for West Ham and Merthyr when not representing his constituents in London, Hardie continued to live in Cumnock in Scotland where he had been based as a union official.

The historical point that Hardie’s trajectory as a union and labour activist demonstrates is that while issues of national independence are important ones, class politics transcends boundaries.

I live in London and Cardiff so I don’t have a vote on 18th September. If I did it would be hard to envisage why one would vote to keep the imperial structure of the United Kingdom as it currently is. At the same time the thought of a smiling Alex Salmond on 19th September is even more upsetting than that of a smiling David Cameron in May 2015. Salmond of course has never had a beard.

Perhaps just as well that I can only pontificate rather than vote then.


The Ambridge Socialist: Love post Loxfest, should there be a shower scene?

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The Ambridge Socialist
31st August CONTACT KEITH FLETT 07803 167266
The real Borsetshire Echo: 60 years of class struggle in Ambridge

Love post Loxfest,should there be a shower scene?

In January 2000 Jolene and the late Sid Perks had a shower scene live on the BBC. Apparently there were only three complaints although at least one Tory MP [not Douglas Carswell] was unhappy.

If you are struggling to remember the details, they are at this link:

Now the Ambridge Socialist asks: after they found love in a festival tent, and slept together again at the climax of Loxfest should Elizabeth and Roy have their own shower scene, live on Radio 4.

Vote at this link:

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, now that Haley knows all, there is nothing to stop a shower scene, perhaps even a menage-a-trois….

In Other News
John Tregorran has left Jennifer £50K in his will and a letter suggesting an affair. Brian suggests taking the money

Planning permission for the diabolical converter has been turned down but Charlie Thomas sees an inevitability

David Archer’s alter ego Tim Bentinck has purchased a Mongolian bow and arrow, purpose not stated.

PC Burns has arrested someone. There is no lack of major league criminals in Ambridge but he chose instead to apprehend Jolene’s ex-partner Wayne who is [at best] a petty drug dealer. What PC Burns plans to do with the drugs he confiscated is as yet unknown although Jazzer may have an interest

Henry has hit someone. Unfortunately it was not Rob


Campaigners say van Gaal’s haircut could be behind Manchester United crisis

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Beard Liberation Front
Press release 30th August contact Keith Flett 07803 167266

Campaigners say van Gaal’s Cockatiel haircut could be behind Manchester United crisis
The Beard Liberation Front the informal network of beard wearers that campaigns against beardism, has said that Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal’s designer ‘cockatiel’ haircut could be behind the crisis at the club.

Manchester United have yet to win a match so far this season and drew 0-0 with Premiership newcomers Burnley on Saturday.

The campaigners say that van Gaal’s hair cut, close to the current on-trend cockatiel, may lack the passion to inspire United players to a better performance.

The BLF notes that van Gaal might do better in the gravitas and inspiration departments if he adapted his cockatiel haircut to a palindrome, which comes with a matching beard

BLF Organiser Keith Flett said of course how the players do on the field is important to how well a side does. However these days sport is also about style and image and it may be that here van Gaal needs to tweak his hairstyle somewhat


The Guardian on Cockatiel or Palindrome


Campaigners urge Ed Miliband to keep holiday beard for autumn

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Beard Liberation Front
Press release 29th August contact Keith Flett 07803 167266

Campaigners urge Ed Miliband to keep holiday beard for autumn

The Beard Liberation Front the informal network of beard wearers that campaigns against beardism, irrational prejudice against the hirsute, has urged Labour leader Ed Miliband to keep a beard he has reportedly grown while in holiday in France this month for the autumn party conference season.

According to LBC journalist and political commentator Iain Dale, Miliband has been wearing a beard while on holiday, much as Jeremy Paxman grew his now famous beard during a break in August 2013.

The campaigners say that a beard could give additional style and gravitas to the Labour leader’s political appeal.

BLF Organiser Keith Flett said As yet we have seen no pictures of Ed Miliband’s reported beard but it would be a pity if it disappeared before the House of Commons returns next month


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